about me

I’m not saying I’m Batman ! I just say you never saw us both together in the same room…

But what I am is a UX Designer. I could tell you about the User Experience and all the technical things linked to it. But in most case, people don’t really get my job. So, let’s simplify!

My job is to make things easy to use, and a kind of sexy. Might be a web site, a mobile app, an internal digital tool, or even packaging. Easy you say? Well it’s a bit more complicated than you think. Part of my job is also to analyse the needs, to understand the flows in order to be able to optimize it. But also to understand the Client values and philosophy. Ho, I forgot ! I’m a comedian for about 10 years.

What’s the point? Well, I’ve spend all that time telling stories to an audience. So, when it comes to speak in public or to Storytelling, I’m far of being a bull in a china shop.

A last thing : I’m to old to be a one night stand. So if you want to contact me, don’t start by telling me about the job you want to offer, and let’s first have a coffee and talk about you and me. I take my coffee black with 2 sugars. Thanks.

What I do


The biggest challenge of my job is to identify the problem behind the problem, the reason behind the reason. So, when we start working together, I need you to help me first draw the full iceberg. Focus on the desease, not the symptoms.


No, you’re never too old for that shit. Au contraire. I use Lego in my workshops sometime. But it mostly help me to think a project like a new Lego set. Sometimes, with the same pieces, you may build many different things.


In a world full of experts, to simplify is the most complicated thing to do. Part of my job is to go back to the essential. The simplest, the better. We always need to be sure that we didn’t loose anyone on the way. It became my quest.


A wise guy once said that if there’s no solution, then there’s no problem. Sometimes, all we need is a break. There’s always a way to fix things, to manage projects, to help people. And most of the time, it’s right under our nose.

My Clients

Fun Fact

24 Countries Visited but never went to London

I stopped school when I was 16

27.000 piece of Lego at home (mostly Starwars)

I have a PS4 I never use except at Xmas