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Aug 2014 – Current


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We are a consultancy company specialized in digital transformation. My job was focused on digital strategy and customer/user experience, online or offline. All the following posts are freelancing and consulting.

Jun 2017 – Current

Co founder & Trainer

The Big Stache Room

The BigStache Room is a creative room designed for workshops and trainings. I was in charge of all the Design Thinking and innovation trainings. I also managed a lot of design sprints for different clients.

Jan 2017 – Current

Design Thinking Trainer


I give several courses in Design Thinking for CEFORA, in different companies like Politico, Belfius, Cognizant, Orange, ING, etc…

Sep 2018 – Jun 2019

Lead UX Designer

OPnGO – Indigo Group

I was in charge of the web part of the product. As a lead Ux Designer, my job was to identify the user’s pain point and adapt the product taking into consideration the different constraints of the company. I also had to manage offshore teams and make them successfully work with our local freelancers.

AUG 2017 – Jul 2018

Co Founder


Coolbird was a pure HR tool dedicated to onboarding new candidates in a company. The idea was simple: Let’s use the time between the moment they say yes and their first day to make them part of their future company.

Aug 2017 – Dec 2017

Lead UX/CX Designer


Zenito was a platform for entrepreneurs, made to have a good view of all the taxes you needed to pay for your salary. A complex project that required a lot of analysis and studies. We live in Belgium, nothing is simple here when it comes to taxes.

Feb 2017 – Aug 2017

UX Adviser

UCB, Axa Insurance, Wemanity, Lampiris

Very short term assignments in different projects.

Jul 2016 – Jan 2017

Lead UX Designer

EPO Den Haag

EPO is the European Patent Office and is in charge of all patents in Europe. My job there was to try to find a way to digitalize the process of the patent experts. The big challenge here was that our biggest competitor is paper and pen.

Jan 2016 – Jun 2016

Lead UX Designer


I was working on the integration of the car assistance product and insurances on the banking app. Most parts of the job was user researches and wireframing. The biggest challenge was to find a good compromise with the legal department and the FSMA to make it user-friendly without losing the legal side.

May 2015 – Dec 2015

UX Adviser

Maltem Paris, Maltem Brussels, Wemanity

Very short term assignement in different projects.

Nov 2013 – Apr 2015

UX/UI Designer

BNP Paribas Fortis – Hello Bank

I was working on the New Easy Web banking application for BNP & Hello Bank. My job was to redesign the new experience of the app.

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Problem solver




Design Thinking




The Art of Simple

Web2Day, #GEN, Codeur en Seine, TRU Montreal

A keynote I give often, speaking about the power of simplicity. And most of all, of the need to stop with bullshit buzzwords in a corporate world where we lost ourself with complicated meeting and vocabulary no one understands.

What the fuck is storytelling ?

ING, Movify, UX Meetup, Agifly, Microsoft, Journée Agile, Wemanity

Storytelling is like sex with teenagers. They all say they do it. But when you dig a bit, you realise they don’t. This keynote was about the basics and a few good tips for the perfect storytelling.


Design Thinking

Cefora, Cognizant, Politico, Belfius, IBM, Digital Factory Saham (Casablanca), Nethys, Heineken Group (Paris), BNP Paribas (Paris), #RMStouch (Toulouse), OPnGO, Orange, Maltem

Coaching teams and teach them a methodology to think out of the box, to focus on empathy, and to innovate without filters.


Digital Strategy

Startup Weekend

Trying to explain to those youg entrepreneur a few tips and tricks to succeed in their adventure.


Microsoft Bootcamp

Training the entrepreneurs in pitching their project and storytelling of their product.